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The use of Gentian root extract in the U.S. has an interesting history; it was considered a medicinal herb and was used as an ingredient of a patent medicine invented in 1876 by a physician in Maine. Back then, it was marketed as Moxie Nerve Food. Today, Moxie is sold as a soft drink in the New England states, and is still the official soft drink of Maine.

Gentiana lutea is one of those natural herbs that have an extremely strong and bitter taste. Dried Gentian root has traditionally been prepared as a decoction or tea.

While bulk Gentian Root may have therapeutic value as an herb, caution should be exercised; it should not be taken by people with ulcerative conditions. Those who buy organic bulk herbs from Starwest Botanicals are assured of the best quality certified organic herbs, and all our bulk herbs are unconditionally guaranteed; however, the therapeutic values of most dried herbs have not yet been proven by medical science and are not endorsed by the FDA - you should consult a medical professional for advice before starting any herbal supplementation.

Warning: Use with caution in persons with gastrointestinal irritation.

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