Nelson's Tea partners nationwide enjoy our wholesale tea options. We aim to be your go-to source for tea, herbs, spices, tonics, and accessories. Various establishments, including tea houses, yoga studios, butcheries, boutiques, distilleries, and breweries, come to Nelson’s Tea for their wholesale tea needs.

ALL of our products including, but not limited to Teas, Herbs, Spices, and Rubs are consumer facing and ready to be re-sold and placed on your retail shelves. Learn more by checking out our FAQ.

Custom Blends: If you would like us to create a custom tea blend for you, please contact us. Custom blends are $500 per blend, artwork & white (private) label included. Once we create a custom tea you will be able to re-order your blend from us as needed.

White (Private) Labeling: Our tea packaged with your logo'd label.  We require a one time fee of $75 per tea flavor and includes the design artwork fee. Contact us to learn more by clicking here.

If you would like to sign up to become a re-seller of our products or simply gather more information, please fill out the form below. Setup of your wholesale account can take up to 24 hours. 

Wholesale Tea Supplier: Exceptional Quality, Unbeatable Value

As a wholesale loose leaf tea supplier, we deliver exceptional craftsmanship and unbeatable value to businesses worldwide. We're dedicated to using natural ingredients as much as possible.

For some blends, we infuse the tea with natural flavoring, ensuring a pure, authentic taste. We only use vegan natural flavoring and food-grade oils. It's important to us to steer clear of artificial additives and chemicals.

While some of our teas contain organic ingredients, we don't often label them as such. Seeing the word organic doesn't always mean superior or contaminant-free.

We analyze each ingredient's quality through lab tests, sensory evaluation, and aesthetics. Our goal is to ensure only the finest selections are used in our blends.

Elevate Your Tea Business with Trusted Wholesale Supplier

Elevate your tea business with Nelson's Tea. As your go-to wholesale supplier of premium loose leaf tea, we're here to support your growth. With over a decade of experience, we've been perfecting our handcrafted blends and introducing innovative flavors. Count on us as your reliable partner in the global tea industry.

Every tea blend is guaranteed to meet the highest standards of excellence. Whether you're a café, boutique, or tea house, partnering with us means access to unparalleled value and knowledge.

From custom blends to private label solutions, we're here to help you succeed and stand out in the competitive tea market. Trust Nelson's Tea for your tea market success.

Custom Tea Blends: Tailored to Your Taste at Wholesale Price

Savor the perfect cup with Nelson's Tea custom tea blends wholesale options. We'll tailor the blend to your taste at wholesale teas price. With our expertise in loose leaf teas and dedication to excellence, our blends can't be beat.

Whether you seek bold flavors, soothing herbal infusions, or delicate floral notes, you won't be disappointed. We'll work closely together and realize your vision. Use our services to improve your tea offerings and captivate your customers with personalized blends that stand out.

Experience the difference a private label made by us will do for your business. Customization meets affordability without compromising reliability with Nelson's Tea.

Become a Wholesale Tea Partner with Us

Join Nelson's Tea wholesale program today. Contact us to upgrade your tea trade with our premium offerings. Our extensive selection of tea, herbs, spices, tonics, and accessories caters to any establishment.

We are determined to provide superior, personalized solutions and make sure our partners receive top-notch products tailored to their needs. Experience the difference Nelson's Tea can make for your tea blends.

Partnering with Nelson's Tea® grants you access to unmatched value and proficiency. You're guaranteed to be helping your sector stand out in the competitive tea market. Trust us to transform your tea offerings and ensure your tea enterprise thrives.