Nelson's Tea® has partners nationwide that utilize our re-seller program. Our goal is to provide a one stop shop for all of your tea, herbs, spices and accessory needs. We currently supply tea to a number of tea houses, yoga studios, butcheries, boutiques, distilleries and breweries. 

ALL of our products including, but not limited to Teas, Herbs, Spices, and Rubs are consumer facing and ready to be re-sold and placed on your retail shelves. Learn more by checking out our FAQ.

Custom Blends: If you would like us to create a custom tea blend for you, please contact us. Custom blends are $500 per blend, artwork & white (private) label included. Once we create a custom tea you will be able to re-order your blend from us as needed.

White (Private) Labeling: Our tea packaged with your logo'd label.  We require a one time fee of $75 per tea flavor and includes the design artwork fee. Contact us to learn more by clicking here.

If you would like to sign up to become a re-seller of our products or simply gather more information, please fill out the form below. Setup of your wholesale account can take up to 24 hours.