Loose Leaf White Tea

Loose leaf white tea is a delicate and fragrant beverage. White tea comes from the younger leaves and buds of Camellia sinensis. This plant is known for its light flavor and subtle sweetness. White tea is minimally processed, allowing it to keep its natural antioxidants and health benefits.

  • Coconut Chocolate Chai loose leaf tea Coconut Chocolate Chai loose leaf tea

    Coconut Chocolate Chai

    Spicy chai blend in a warm and sweet white tea base with succulent chocolate and coconut.  It’s dessert in a cup.  Ingredients: White tea, cardamom, allspice, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, chocolate, coconut, and flavoring...

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  • White Chocolate Peppermint White Chocolate Peppermint

    Peppermint White Chocolate

    This peppermint white chocolate  combination feels like Christmas morning!  Enjoy like the first present of Christmas!  Ingredients: Green tea, white tea, peppermint, safflower, white chocolate, mint chocolate, natural flavoring...

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  • Bourbon Ginger Pear Bourbon Ginger Pear

    Bourbon Ginger Pear

    Like pears soaked in bourbon, this sweet and spicy medley hits your palate in all the right places. Ingredients: Green rooibos, ginger root, white tea, elderflower, cornflower, dried pears and natural flavoring. Lightly caffeinated Brewing...

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  • champagne & Raspberry loose leaf tea champagne & Raspberry loose leaf tea

    Champagne & Raspberries

    This delicious blend will have you figuratively intoxicated upon brewing. Just like a flute of champagne with raspberries! Ingredients: White tea,  safflower, and natural  flavors. Brewing Instructions: Brew 1-2 teaspoons of this...

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  • Raspberry Pomegranate Raspberry Pomegranate

    Raspberry Pomegranate

    Taking pomegranate to a whole new level, this fruit fusion of raspberries is sure to tingle your taste buds.  Ingredients: White tea, rose hips, safflower, dried raspberries and natural fruit flavoring. Brewing Instructions: Brew 1-2...

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  • blackberry pomegranate loose leaf tea blackberry pomegranate loose leaf tea

    Blackberry Pomegranate

    This tea blend is a fun berry tonic.  It’s unique and complex flavor is sure to tingle your taste buds and excite your palate.     Ingredients: Black tea, white tea, rose hips, blackberry leaves, safflower, flavor Brewing...

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  • Peach Blossom Peach Blossom

    Peach Blossoms

    Delicate blossoms of peach and sweet, subtle floral notes are brought to life in this gentle yet flavorful brew in a black and white tea base.    Ingredients: White tea, black tea, rose hip, jasmine buds, dried peaches, and natural...

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  • White pomegranate blueberry loose leaf tea White pomegranate blueberry loose leaf tea

    Blueberry Pomegranate

    Blueberry and pomegranate come together in this perfectly paired fruit fusion for fun flavor.  Ingredients: White tea, rose hips, dried blueberries, safflower, and natural fruit flavoring. Brewing Instructions: Brew 1-2 teaspoons of this...

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  • Blueberry White Chocolate Blueberry White Chocolate

    Blueberry White Chocolate

    White chocolate and blueberry come together in this perfectly paired fruit fusion for fun flavor. Ingredients: White tea, white chocolate pieces, dried blueberries, cornflowers, and natural fruit flavoring. CONTAINS MILK Brewing...

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  • Strawberry White Chocolate Strawberry White Chocolate

    Strawberry White Chocolate

    Just like strawberries dipped in white chocolate, this tea marries fruity, fresh strawberry with sweet and creamy white chocolate!  One cup won't be enough! Ingredients: Black tea, white tea, rose buds, rose hips, safflower, strawberry leaf,...

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  • Peach tangerine loose leaf tea Peach tangerine loose leaf tea

    Peach Tangerine

    Experience true juiciness in this blend of peach and tangerine in a gentle white base. Ingredients: Green tea, white tea, dried peaches, and natural flavoring Brewing Instructions: To brew this tea, utilize 1-2 teaspoons of tea/8 oz of 175...

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  • Green and White Loose Leaf Tea Green and White Loose Leaf Tea

    White & Green

    This white and green blend has a subtle, yet complex flavor with just a hint of sweetness and is full of antioxidants. With Whispering White, you get the benefits of both green and white tea blends with 5-10% the caffeine of a cup of coffee! White tea...

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What is white tea leaf good for?

White tea leaves are prized for their high antioxidant content. Antioxidants may help boost immunity, promote healthy skin, and support cardiovascular health. Additionally, white tea is low in caffeine. You'll be able to drink it throughout the day without worry, and it makes it a gentle option for those sensitive to stimulants.

How long should you steep loose leaf white tea?

For the perfect cup of loose leaf white tea, steep 1-2 teaspoons in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Longer steeping times can intensify the flavor, but be cautious not to over-steep, as it may result in bitterness.

Different white teas need specific steeping methods. Some can be steeped in a cup but are not suitable for brewing. Follow the instructions for your tea blend and steep the perfect cup.

What is the best way to brew loose leaf white tea?

To brew loose leaf white tea, heat water to around 175°F (80°C). Don't use boiling water, as that can ruin the flavor. Place 2 teaspoons of tea leaves per 8 oz of water in a teapot or infuser. Pour the hot water over the leaves and steep for 5-8 minutes. Strain and enjoy the delicate flavors of white tea.

What is the difference between white tea and regular tea?

White tea is different from other teas even though it comes from the same plant as green and black tea. The difference boils down to the minimal processing it undergoes. It's made using a brief oxidation process and then dried. This process produces a delicate flavor and high antioxidant content compared to the other teas.

How often should you drink white tea?

For optimal health benefits, aim to drink white tea every day. Its low caffeine content makes it suitable for daily use without the adverse effects of excessive caffeine intake. White tea is rich in polyphenols, offering various health benefits. Drinking white tea regularly supports heart health, fights cancer, and regulates blood sugar. Its long-term effects include cell rejuvenation, immune system support, and bone strength, promoting overall longevity.

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