Caffeine Free Loose Leaf Tea

Have you been searching for the best caffeine-free loose-leaf tea and feel lost? You are in the right place now! Your tea game is about to score big with our premium choices, each crafted for exquisite taste. Savor the richness, sip by sip.

  • Root beer loose leaf tea Really Root Beer Tea

    Really Root Beer Tea

    This sweet and spicy blend is reminiscent of an old time root beer.  It is robust and sure to make your taste buds sing Ingredients: Burdock Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Sassafras Root Bark, Birch Bark, Dandelion Root, Fennel Seeds, Anise star, Ginger...

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  • Peach flavored loose leaf tea Peach flavored loose leaf tea

    Peach Dream

    Sweet and mellow, this brew is sure to captivate you from the first sip.  Ingredients: Green rooibos, orange peel, marigold petals, natural flavor  Naturally Caffeine Free Brewing Instructions: To brew this tea, utilize 1-2 teaspoons...

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  • Raspberry Hibiscus Raspberry Hibiscus Tea

    Raspberry Hibiscus Tea

    Fresh summer berries and pleasantly tart hibiscus petals create this beautiful brew that emits a bright and brilliant red hue. Ingredients: Green rooibos, organic honey bush, hibiscus, dried raspberries, dried pomegranates and natural...

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  • American Apple Pie loose leaf tea American Apple Pie loose leaf tea

    American Apple Pie

    American Apple Pie is a warm cinnamon apple rooibos tisane. The smooth and warm sensations of this blend are sure to take you to a place filled with warmth and happiness. If you like apple pie, you’ll love this...

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  • Strawberry Orange Peach Strawberry Orange Peach

    Strawberry Orange Peach

    Sweet, summer fruits synergize seamlessly in this naturally sweet and succulent blend. Ingredients: Green rooibos, orange peel, marigold, dried strawberries, and natural flavoring Naturally Caffeine Free Brewing Instructions: To brew this tea,...

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  • Rooibos almond loose leaf tea Rooibos almond loose leaf tea

    Glass Slipper Tea

    This brew is a magical rooibos blend of almond, cherry, and vanilla. The Rooibos base provides smooth yet robust flavor, especially when paired with the other enchanting ingredients. One cup won’t be enough! Ingredients: Rooibos, cornflower,...

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  • Lemon Ginger Honey Lemon Ginger Honey

    Lemon Ginger Honey

    Lemon, ginger, and honey are just what the doctor ordered.  Whether you have a cold, the flu or are just looking for a delicious herbal blend that nourishes the body and soul, this is it. Ingredients:  Echinacea, ginger root, lemongrass, bee...

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  • Butterscotch pie Butterscotch pie

    Butterscotch Pie

    Just like grannie’s old recipe, this brew is sweet, smooth and silky.  Caution: may be addictive. Ingredients: Green Rooibos, honey bush tea, peanuts, marigold, butterscotch chips and natural flavoring Naturally Caffeine...

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  • Caramel Apple Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea Caramel Apple Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea

    Caramel Apple Tea

    Just like a caramel candy, this red rooibos blend will satisfy your sweet tooth with no additional sugar needed. Ingredients: Red Rooibos, cinnamon chips, caramel chips (sugar, corn syrup, liquid sugar, skim milk, palm oil, butter, salt, mono- and...

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  • Strawberry Hibiscus Raspberry Hibiscus

    Strawberry Hibiscus

    Fresh summer fruits and pleasantly tart hibiscus petals come together seamlessly in this naturally sweet and succulent blend. Ingredients: Green Rooibos, honey bush, hibiscus flower, marigold petals, orange peel, raspberries, pomegranate,...

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  • Chocolate orange loose leaf tea Orange Chocolate Truffle

    Orange Chocolate Truffle

    Sweet and succulent chocolate and orange come together to create a silky smooth dessert in a cup! Ingredients: Green Rooibos, Red Rooibos, Chocolate Chips, Orange Peel, Natural flavoring. Naturally Caffeine Free CONTAINS MILK Brewing...

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  • Lavender Orange herbal loose leaf tea Lavender Orange herbal loose leaf tea

    Lavender Orange

    This relaxing tonic helps calm the nerves and the spirit. Sometimes the body and soul just need to breathe, and this tonic helps you achieve just that.  Ingredients:  Orange peel, blue vervian, California poppy, lavender, catnip, cornflower,...

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Relax and Unwind with Our Caffeine Free Teas

You’ll find tranquility in Nelson's Tea's loose-leaf caffeine-free tea blends. Each sip will have you smiling as your body begins to relax instantly. Our blends are crafted to soothe the senses while offering everything from floral delights to robust herbal blends, inviting you to unwind in the lap of tea luxury.

Enrich your tea rituals with our exquisite flavors. From sweet and spicy root beer, with its robust taste, to rejuvenating, refreshing peppermint, sure to make your taste buds sing. How about making it peanut butter jelly time with our Peanut Butter & Jams blend? This is just the tip of the tea-berg of our blend collections, all waiting for you to discover them.

Naturally Caffeine Free Teas at Wholesale Prices

Now that you have found that perfect blend(s), you want more! How about an array of caffeine-free loose-leaf teas at wholesale prices? Yes, please!

Take your tea experience to new heights with our bulk offerings. You can enjoy that favorite blend repeatedly, knowing every cup becomes a moment of pure joy. Enjoy the realm of delightful flavors without compromise.

Heighten your tea moments with us and relish the unparalleled joy of our unique flavors. Loose-leaf caffeine-free tea bulk options are also available. It's time to unwind with Nelson's Tea, your gateway to tea bliss.


Is it OK to drink caffeine-free tea every day?

Absolutely! Make our caffeine-free teas a daily ritual for a serene escape without the jitters. Sip freely, incorporating it into your routine, letting the soothing flavors relax your senses with each cup. The beauty of caffeine-free teas is their versatility, perfect for any time of day. Enjoying a cup before bedtime or late afternoon won't disturb your peaceful sleep.

What does caffeine-free tea do to your body?

Caffeine-free tea has numerous health benefits. It can improve sleep, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and support healthy digestion. These are only a few of the health benefits found with caffeine-free tea, which vary depending on the ingredients in your preferred flavor. No matter the tea, you’ll feel good when you indulge in a soothing cup, providing a perfect unwind after a long day.

What makes caffeine-free tea special?

Caffeine-free tea stands out by offering the bliss of tea flavors without the buzz of caffeine. Enjoy your favorite blend without concerns about feeling wired or overly energetic. Immerse yourself in the essence of specialty blends crafted to satisfy your desire for relaxation. Browse our caffeine-free collection today at Nelson’s Tea.