What are the order minimums?

  • Order as much or as little tea as you would like.

How fast will my order ship?

  • Most orders ship within 1 to 2 business days of order placement.

What is the delivery method?

  • We ship our product to all 50 states, and Canada. Our primary means of shipping is USPS. If you require expedited shipping please make sure to include a note within your order.

Can I private label?

  • Yes, we work with many companies that elect to have our private label services.

Can I create my own blend?

  • Yes, absolutely. We will customize a blend that fits your business, your menu, and even your company's culture.

How many teas should I start with?

  • We recommend selling 3 to 5 blends. It is good to diversify your offerings by picking a black tea, green tea, herbal tea, Oolong tea, and a white tea. This way you are able to sell to just about any tea lover!

What is Natural flavoring?

  • There are a few ways to flavor tea and every company uses one or a combination of the following: Natural flavor, artifical flavor, and/or oils. We use only vegan natural flavoring and food grade oils. We never use artificial(artificial means chemicals created in a lab to make your tongue believe your tasting specific things).

Are your teas organic?

  • While many of our teas are organic or contain some organic ingredients, rarely will you see us promote a product as organic. It is important to note that organic does not mean better. Organic does not mean contaminant free. This is a common misconception. When we select teas, herbs, and spices for our blends we analyze individual ingredients from multiple sources reviewing lab tests, smell, taste, and asthetics of each plant. We place a significant amount of thought and care into selecting only the best ingredients for our teas.