Herbs and Spices

  • Lavender Whole Lavender Whole


    Lavendula x intermedia Whole Grown in the Provence region of France, blue lavender, also known as lavandin, is a hybrid species between English lavender (L. angustifolia) and Portuguese lavender (L. latifolia). The...

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  • Ginger Root Ginger Root

    Ginger Root

    Zingiber officinale Cut & Sifted Ginger root has been used throughout Asia, South Africa and the Caribbean Islands for nearly 5,000 years. The dried, chopped root lends a warm, pungent flavor to soups, stews and tea blends. The dried root is...

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  • Peppermint Tea Peppermint Tea

    Peppermint Leaf

    This brew is refreshing and naturally caffeine free.  It is a bold mint tea that is quite refreshing and great for soothing the tummy and alleviating a headache.  Ingredients: Peppermint leaves. Naturally Caffeine Free Brewing...

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  • Hibiscus Hibiscus


    Hibiscus sabdariffa Cut & Sifted Hibiscus is a genus of several hundred species in the mallow family that are native to tropical regions throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. This species is commonly called roselle in many parts of the...

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  • Rose Buds & Petals Rose Buds & Petals

    Rose Buds & Petals

    Rosa canina Buds & Petals These brightly colored blooms come from the Dog Rose, a species of climbing rose native to Europe, Asia and parts of Africa. It is this species that is depicted in European art and coat of arms designs to indicate...

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  • Chamomile Whole Chamomile Whole


    Matricaria recutita Whole Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs in the world. This member of the daisy family is native to Europe, north Africa and some parts of Asia, and is cultivated elsewhere. The dried flowers are used to brew a tea...

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  • Bee Pollen Granules Bee Pollen Granules

    Bee Pollen Granules

    Granules Bee pollen contains high levels of amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants and more protein than meat or eggs. You can thank a honeybee worker for this nutrient-dense substance, who labors about a month for 8 hours a day...

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  • sassafras root sassafras root

    Sassafras Root Bark

    Sassafras albidum Cut & Sifted Our sassafras root bark is obtained from Sassafras albidum, harvested in Missouri, USA. While the wood is sometimes used in furniture making, and the essential oil of the fruit as fragrance and flavoring, sassafras root...

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  • Jasmine Flowers Whole Jasmine Flowers Whole

    Jasmine Buds

    Jasminum officinale Whole Jasmine is a climbing vine in the olive family found throughout tropical areas of Europe, Asia and Africa. The rose-like buds of the plant are prized for their beauty and delicate fragrance. Jasmine flowers, which...

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  • Spearmint Cut & Sifted Spearmint


      Mentha spicata Cut & Sifted Spearmint is a member of the mint family that is widely distributed throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our domestic spearmint is a hybrid of uncertain origin, but with a naturalized...

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  • Cinnamon Chips Cinnamon Chips

    Cinnamon Chips

    Cinnamomum cassia Cut & Sifted Our Saigon Cinnamon chips offer a convenient way to incorporate the flavor and aroma of cinnamon into tea blends, mulling and pickling spice blends, potpourri, herb pillows and other crafts without having to break apart...

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  • Sarsaparilla Root Sarsaparilla Root Tea

    Sarsaparilla Root Tea

    Smilax medica Cut & Sifted Indian Sarsaparilla is a South Asian species of shrub that grows throughout most of India. This member of the dogbane family is widely used in Ayurveda, where it is designated one of the Rasayana plants because it...

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