Our Story

 We began our journey as a husband and wife seeking a healthier lifestyle through a fun and healthy hobby.  When friends and businesses developed an interest in our operation, we decided to take it to the next level.  In our adventure, we have overcome many obstacles in sourcing, blending, labeling, and packaging.  Because of our trials and errors, we have learned how to do it right!  As a result, we are able to offer businesses concierge service by providing high quality, custom blended teas with the ability to custom label and package!   This provides businesses the ability to establish a brand without the headache of all that goes into the customization of doing so.  It has also become a popular gift for businesses to offer their employees, vendors, and clients.  Tea is unique, customizable, light weight, easy to ship and a healthy drink with many fun options!  Did we mention that it also offers a natural energy boost with a calming effect?  Reach out to us for more information on how to get started.  ClientServices@NelsonsTea.com

Who we are and what do we do:

We are a company that stands behind our brand.  We ensure quality in every step of our process. To that end, we offer a buy back guarantee.  If you are unable to move a product you purchase, simply send it back unopened, and we allow you the opportunity to swap it out for something that is a better fit.  Your success is our success and customer satisfaction is a primary pillar of our business model.

Our Mission:

To be the world-wide tea authority providing succulent, natural, quality tea and tea related products and accessories to businesses while offering customization, labeling, and packaging, allowing your business the opportunity to have a tea that is uniquely yours.

We believe:

There are plentiful benefits to drinking tea. To this end, we believe it should be natural, succulent, and accessible.

The why:

To offer the opportunity to as many as possible to upgrade their lifestyle, starting with what they drink.  Research shows that the majority of calories in the United States are actually consumed in beverages.  We are here to be an alternative to the status quo and believe in healthy, delicious beverage options that are naturally calorie free.

Our Niche:

Our niche is in providing proved and custom tea blends to businesses seeking to offer a tea option or to create a line of teas and are ready for a partner for blending, labeling and packaging.   


Nelson’s Tea is an Indianapolis, IN based tea company.

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