Bourbon Ginger Pear

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Like pears soaked in bourbon, this sweet and spicy medley hits your palate in all the right places.

IngredientsGreen rooibos, ginger root, white tea, elderflower, cornflower, dried pears and natural flavoring.

Lightly caffeinated

Brewing Instructions: To brew this tea, utilize 1-2 teaspoons of tea/8 oz of 175 degree water and should be steeped 2 minutes to unlock its full flavor and benefits. To make the iced version, double the amount of tea and brew the same way.  When finished pour over ice.

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4 Reviews

Paul Blackburn Dec 12th 2020

Bourbon ginger pear white tea. I can enjoy an excellent tea and the benefit of ginger. The combination of pear and bourbon flavor make the ginger very tolerable.

I’d like to see 8oz packages

Lela Hightower Sep 5th 2020

My favorite tea

I am not a tea expert. I am an herb expert, though. You have to find your happy spot on strength of tea. The more fruity, the more you have to use if you like strong tea. Regardless, this is my favorite tea from this company. This is my favorite tea company period. This tea is just delightful. When talking to the owner, she said it is not as popular as she though it would be. So, I am here to say...TRY THIS ONE! If you love unique flavors, this is surprising and is going to stay in my collection as long as they make it. This is the beginning of my tea journey and I am excited to find something that I enjoy tremendously. The outstanding service is a super bonus!!

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