Glass Slipper Tea

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This brew is a magical rooibos blend of almond, cherry, and vanilla. The Rooibos base provides smooth yet robust flavor, especially when paired with the other enchanting ingredients. One cup won’t be enough!

Ingredients: Rooibos, cornflower, almonds, and natural flavoring.

Naturally Caffeine Free

Brewing Instructions: To brew this tea, utilize 1-2 teaspoons of tea/8 oz of boiling water and should be steeped 5-6 minutes to unlock its full flavor and benefits. To make the iced version, double the amount of tea and brew the same way.  When finished pour over ice.


Sororitea Sisters

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3 Reviews

Tracy Jul 27th 2018

So Calming

I had this tea at Serenity Tea House in Zionsville as well. It is so relaxing and doesn’t need a thing. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day. It smells like vanilla and flowers. Also the service was excellent. I got my tea in two days and a sample of the raspberry hibiscus tea was included. Can’t wait to try another tea soon!

Lori Fulk Dec 13th 2017

Favorite Tea!

I had this tea at Serenity Tea House and when I read the description on Nelson's Tea's website, I identified it immediately. It is difficult to put words to how this tea makes one feel, so the best I can add is that it has a perfectly gentle balance. There is a nuance to this blend that makes one want to keep coming back. It's like a treat, an everyday chance to give yourself a hug.

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