Loose Leaf Chari-TEAS

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our Loose Leaf Chari-TEAS. Each sip is a symphony of taste. Our Chari-tea is a blend of Green tea, dried raspberries, raspberry leaf, rose petals, and safflower, crafted to enrich your daily ritual.

  • Raspberries & Cream Raspberries & Cream - Chari-TEA

    Raspberries & Cream - Chari-TEA

    A lightly flavored blend that is smooth with hints of Raspberry and vanilla. Ingredients: Green tea, dried raspberries, raspberry leaf, rose petals, safflower and natural flavoring. Brewing Instructions: Use 1 tsp tea per 8 oz. of 185°...

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Shop Loose Leaf ChariTEAs in Bulk

Bulk order loose-leaf Chari-TEAS from Nelson's Tea for your business and offer your customers a nourishing beverage that supports their health.

Raspberries aren't only a snack but a vital ingredient in our Chari-TEA. These juicy fruits play a significant role in halting cancer cell growth and reducing bacterial and fungi growth. The raspberry leaf is also beneficial. It stimulates white blood cell production, fortifying the body's natural resilience.

Our Chari-TEA also has safflower and rose petals. These added ingredients aren’t only for smell and beauty. They also serve as a detoxifier, restoring balance to stress and hormones. Safflower, a natural relaxant, aids in detoxifying the intestines and promotes full-body wellness.

Our Loose Leaf Chari-TEAS combines smell, health, and flavor perfectly. Order now.