• cumin cumin


    Cuminum cyminum Whole Cumin is an annual member of the parsley family that is native to the Mediterranean. The seed of the plant, which is harvested by hand, is a staple in traditional cuisines of the region as much today as it was in...

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  • Juniper Berry Whole Juniper Berry Whole

    Juniper Berry

    Juniperus communis Whole Common juniper is a small evergreen tree that is related to cedar, cypress and other conifers. The mature, dark-colored cones, or berries, are used to lend a slightly citrus and pine-like flavor to foods and beverages. In...

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  • Nutmeg Ground Nutmeg Ground

    Nutmeg Powder

    Myristica fragrans Ground Nutmeg has a long history of use as a spice, with recorded evidence that the ancient Romans and Greeks enjoyed its warm, aromatic flavor and aroma. Ground nutmeg stores well as long as it kept away from direct light...

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  • Fennel Seed Fennel Seed

    Fennel Seed

    Fennel is an herb in the parsley family that is native to the Mediterranean now naturalized throughout Europe, Asia and North America. The powdered seed lends a mild anise-like flavor and aroma to soups, stews and other foods. The powered seed...

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  • Curry Curry

    Curry Powder

    When most people hear "curry," they envision smoke pouring out of their ears! Curries, like any other hot spice, are usually about flavour first and heat second. Our Curry Powder is no exception and it presents a variety of traditional...

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  • Wild cherry bark Wild Cherry Bark

    Wild Cherry Bark

    Prunus serotina For centuries, the bark, which contains a variety of tannins, quercetin, kaempferol and other compounds, has been used to make syrups. The bark can also be tinctured or decocted to make infusions or teas.

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