Chocolate Velvet Pu-Erh

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Sweet, strong black pu-erh tea combined with sweet cinnamon and a hint of black licorice make this tea a luxury!  

Ingredients: Pu-erhblack tea, cacao nibs, cinnamon, star anise, natural flavoring

Brewing Instructions: 1-2 teaspoons of tea/8 oz. of water at 195 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing 3-4 minutes to steep for full flavor and benefits. For iced tea simply double the amount of tea used during brewing and steep with the same amount and temperature of hot water, and when finished, simply pour over a cup of ice.

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1 Review

Jaclyn Drury Feb 8th 2017


It's like a combo of tea & hot chocolate. Love it! My mom was over the weekend I got this nad she drank almost all of it. LOL I guess I need to buy her a bag!

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