Nelson's Perfect TeaZE Tea Brewer

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Designed to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea.

Quick Start Directions:

  • Heat the appropriate amount of water for your mug or cup.
  • Measure the recommended amount of loose leaf tea into your brewer and place it on the supplied coaster.
  • Once the water has reached the appropriate temperature, transfer the water into your brewer.
  • Start your tea timer for the recommended steep time. (Do Not place the brewer on top of your mug or cup until the next step.)
  • Add sweetener or cream to taste, and enjoy your favorite cup of tea!

Easy Clean-up Instructions: Empty tea contents into trash and rinse.

Please Note:

  • The brewer holds 16 oz. of tea. An average coffee mug holds approximately 12 oz. of liquid. A traditional teacup holds about 6 oz. of liquid.
  • Soap can leave a residue that may taint the flavor of your tea, so we recommend that you do not use soap to clean your brewer.
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