Loose-Leaf Collection: The Connoisseurs' Choice.

From invigorating black teas to calming herbal blends, experience the rich flavors steeped in nature.

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Nelson's Tea:Your Destination for Premium Loose Leaf Tea

Are you ready for a sensory adventure with tea, Indianapolis friends? We are Indianapolis’s leading tea shop and are prepared to improve your tea rituals with our diverse loose-leaf collection.

We carefully craft our teas to provide a rich and satisfying taste. You will find that perfect blend here, even if you aren’t from the Crossroads of America.


Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

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Tea Samplers

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Enhance Your Tea Experience with Nelson's Tea Collection

Nelson's Tea is on a mission to modernize the tea industry. We provide exceptional tea experiences for businesses while crafting unique, healthful, loose-leaf tea blends for consumers.

Let's jump into the world of tea together! We're spilling the details on the perfect brew’s health benefits and secrets. Think quantity, time, and temperature while keeping it loose. With this perfect trifecta of factors, we believe tea can bring you joy and many health benefits.

As you sip your brew, you will taste the wonders hidden in every tea leaf and let the joy of tea wrap you in pure satisfaction. Your taste buds are in for a treat!

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From Tipsy Tonics to Tea Samplers & Accessories, We Have It All

Ready for a flavorful tea journey at one of the best tea shops in Indianapolis? We offer various options for the tea connoisseur. Whether you want to sip on some Tipsy Tonics, try tantalizing tea samplers, or are searching for some tea accessories, your ultimate tea haven is here.

Nelson's Tea is a one-stop shop for all things tea. Sip and savor the diverse selection, which allows you to explore new dimensions of indulgence and variety.

So now remember, Nelson's Tea isn't a simple tea shop, Indianapolis friends. It’s an invitation to soak up the richness of tea culture. You are guaranteed an unmatched experience where every sip tells a flavorful tale.

About Us

We believe if you say you don't like tea that you probably just haven't had the right blend prepared the right way. We provide business and consumer education on the health benefits to drinking tea as well as how to brew the perfect cup (secret: it's all about quantity, time, and temperature).

Why choose Nelson’s Tea

Diverse Flavors

From sweet & spicy to earthy & tangy, savor a burst of flavor in every sip.


Natural ingredients guarantee a rich taste and guilt-free indulgence.


Experience a fresh, clean, and consistent taste across all blends.

Easy to Brew

Just add boiling water and your hot cup of tea will be ready in minutes.

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